With this new feature you’re able to reach out to your customer base by creating personas based on usage behaviors, segments, etc. and applying a trigger to make it happen automatically. 

Below are the elements that need to be in place in order to use the feature, as well as some examples on when you can use it. 

Creating a Persona 

Planhat’s email automation relies on Personas to be able to send out the email communication. This allows for you to be even more targeted and personal in your messaging; instead of reaching out at the account level (and risk contacting irrelevant contacts), you’re able to reach out to a more narrow and targeted list of end users. 

First step is to create a persona. If you’re new to personas, here’s a help center article to help you get started and familiarize yourself with them: How to Create & Use Personas.  

Some examples of personas for automated campaigns could be: 

  • They haven’t logged in in 14 days, you want to send them an email letting them know you miss them 

  • They started a certain set of actions (i.e. signed up, filled out their information, created a project), but they haven’t completed the final action of making that project live. You want to send them an email to provide them encouragement to set it live, or ask them if they are having trouble with setting it live, etc. 

  • Their usage has dropped for one of your sticky features, you want to send them an email about new cool things they can do with the feature 

Creating the Email Templates 

Create any email template you’ll need for your automated campaigns and they will appear as options when creating the trigger. 

For information on how to create email campaigns you can check out this help center article here. 

Creating the Trigger 

When creating the trigger:

  1. What do you want to do? Select: Email Outreach 

  2. Which Email Template? Select the email template you’ve created for this outreach. 

  3. At the bottom there is an option to send the email automatically. By default the email will end up in an outbox under Activities > Email Outreach and will need to be approved before sending. By checking this box you’re overriding this and as soon as the trigger fires the email will be sent. 

  4. When do you want it to happen? Select if you’d like the trigger to fire for when end users have been tagged (added to a persona), or untagged (have been removed from the persona) 

  5. Select which persona you’ve created for this email outreach 

  6. Name your trigger

  7. And if you’d like to apply this to just a specific segment you can do so. However, you also have the option to filter by segments in the persona itself so you might not need to add this additional element

For more information on how to create triggers you can check out this help center article. 

Approving Emails that need to be Approved 

If you’ve specified in the trigger that you want it to be sent automatically then you won’t have to complete this step. But we have this step here just in case you want to double check the list before sending it out to your customers. 

  • Go to Activities > Email Outbox 

  • There will be a list of unapproved emails to be sent

  • Selecting approved moves it to the approved list, where you’re able to unapprove before 10 minutes,

  • After 10 minutes the email will be sent 

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