Summer has started off with some updates to Planhat! Check them out below. 

Google Calendar Integration

Sync your events to and from Planhat to your Google Calendar! 

It's super simple and fast to get set up, and you can learn how to get started here

Mandrill Integration

Enable high volume emailing from within Planhat to avoid limits in your normal email provider and facilitate more marketing programs. 

Getting set up is quick - just enter your API key from Mandrill to get started. 

To find it on our integrations page go to: settings > integrations > Mandrill

*The integration requires an account with MailChimp

Recent Activity Log

To view recent actions that have been taken by team members, or by a triggered action in Planhat you can do so by going to the Recent Activity log in the Teammodule.
You can filter by what types of actions you'd like to see, and if you hover over certain events (such as lifecycle phase change, updated revenue, etc.) you'll be able to see more data related to this update/change. 

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