When you remove a team member from Planhat, a dialogue box appears, asking you to reassign the removed user's:

  • Companies,

  • Playbooks

  • Plays (Playbook steps) & Tasks,

  • Folders, Filters, Pages,

  • Custom Company Pages (Custom Pages added to a Company Profile)

  • Custom Tabs (Custom Page templates viewable in Settings > Company Profiles)

By default, it's all reassigned to you, but you can also specify by category who you want to reassign to. Companies, Playbooks, Plays&Tasks can be assigned to "no one", but this is not available for the remaining categories - they have to have an owner.

📌 For all emails, notes, chats, tickets, previously logged tasks, etc: those will all remain under the ownership of the removed team mate. This is so your team still has the correct historical data about that customer and communications with that customer. 

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