You can choose to manage all your license data in Planhat or to manage this elsewhere (e.g. Salesforce) and then simply present the data in Planhat. Another option is your data can be managed in Planhat but synced to an external source such as Salesforce.

You need to decide where you want the “source of truth” for your subscription data to be - either in your own CRM or in Planhat.

With either way you choose, the first step is to setup your revenue settings. And to do that you go to the settings > general > scroll down to where you find the section titled 'Revenue' > enter your settings. 

This is where you'll specify which currencies you're selling in and which one is your default, and where you'll enter your products/licenses and any non recurring revenue products/services (for example, set up fees, trainings, consulting services). 

If you don't see Non Recurring Revenue (NRR) let us know and we will enable the feature for you. 

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