Editable Playbooks

You're now able to edit plays within assigned playbooks. You can add a play or dependent play, re-arrange the order of the plays, and remove a play.

Access & Edit Playbooks from the Customer Overview

On each company profile you're now not only able to see the playbooks the customer has assigned to them, you're also able to check off tasks, archive, remove and edit them. All from the Customer Overview page! 

You're also able to add a customer to a new playbook from the 3-dot menu in the top right corner. 

Attach Documents to Logged Activities

You're now able to attach documents to notes and tasks. Simply select "add an item" under Attachments. 

Learn more about how to add logged activities and planned activities here.

Create Triggers Based off of Personas

You can now create triggers to fire for when users enter or exit a specific persona in Planhat. 


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