Email templates are a great way to save time, collaborate internally on email content and to create a more standardized way of communicating with your customers.

🚀 Quick tip: Each user in Planhat can create templates, the only difference is that Admins can create and save public ones, while some other roles might only be able to create private ones.

For Admin Users

To create a public email template, accessible to all team members, go to Settings > Email Templates.

Here is where you'll be able to set up all of your email outreach templates and organize them neatly into folders. 

Setting up a new Template

To create a new template simply select the blue "Add Template" button at the top. 

Format it how you like, either by copy-pasting or typing it out in Planhat. To add links or to customise the email a bit more you can open our html editor "< >". 

To do this, at the bottom of the email template editor select the symbol: < > for Code View.

For links, make sure you have the structure:
<a href="[your link here]">Link text</a>. 

To see how your email will look when sent you select the Preview button. 

📣 Pro tip: you can add a clickable image to your email template. Just add the image in and then click on "< > Code View" option and add in the html below:

The following image works as a link:<br>
<a href="">
<img alt="Planhat" src=""
width=150" height="70">

For non-Admin Users

Each team member might have their own conversation style and it is handy to reuse certain email templates.

You can create an email template (both private and public ones) directly from the email editor:

  • Select the option to see all available email templates

  • Click "Save template" to turn your text from that email into a private template

  • Access public or private templates anytime!

Note: this is also available to Admin Users.

🚀 Quick tip: You can pull up the email app anywhere in Planhat via our quick function:
Mac users - click option + C
PC users - click Alt + C

Adding a Personal Touch

For an email template that could be sent out to several people at once, you'll want to make it a bit personal.

Planhat allows you to do so by using merge tags for adding in the person's first name, last name and many other options. 

For how to use merge tags in Planhat, check out this article here

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