If you've marked a customer as churned and they still have the status of 'customer' this could be for a couple of reasons: 

  1. the license period for the customer has not yet ended 

  2. you've churned the license but not the account

For 1 - sometimes you churn an account before the license date for that customer has officially ended and when this happens Planhat will change the status of that customer to 'canceled.' The status will change to 'lost' when the license period has officially ended. 

If you'd like to have Planhat immediately change the status to 'lost' instead of 'canceled' you can do so by checking the box at the bottom of the churn form that says “set any open status license to lost” and this will make sure that the status of the customer is reflected as 'lost' instead, and you will able to see it in the churn module. 

A customer with the status of 'canceled' will not yet display in the churn module until their status updates to 'lost.' 

For 2 - if you have multiple licenses associated with a customer, you're able to churn just one of those licenses and have the customer still as a active status. For more information on this use case you can check out this help center article

However, if it was your intention to churn the entire account make sure you've selected churn from the top right 3-dot menu and selected churn from there. 

For more information on the churn module you can check out this help center article here

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