Check out the updates and changes we've made to Planhat in April! 

HubSpot Marketing Integration

Planhat's integration with HubSpot Marketing allows you to push contacts from personas in Planhat into HubSpot so they can receive the targeted messaging you've created for them.

So you're now able to get even more targeted with your customer marketing if you're using HubSpot to reach out! 

Check out the documentation on how it works and how to get it set up here

Using Amount of Time Passed Since Last Touch

We've added another metric to build customer segments and health scores off of. 

You're now able to use the amount of time passed since you were last in touch with a customer to build segments, and also in your health score factors. 

So try out building a segment or adding this as a health score factor. 

Ability to Add Permission Levels to Custom Field Edits

If you'd like to have the settings related to custom fields you have set up in Planhat to only be editable by an admin level you can now do so. 

When creating a custom field you're able to select if you'd like to "lock" this custom field from CSMs editing it. 

To learn more about permissions and roles you can check out this help center article here

Remove Your Emails from Planhat 

You're able to quickly and easily remove any of the emails you've synced with Planhat. 

To do so, you go to your user profile > email tab > and click the button at the bottom that says "Remove all personal emails"

This will remove your synced emails from Planhat. 

Revenue Settings Location Has Changed

The settings for revenue used to be able to be found in the Revenue module > settings. They have now moved and can be found in the general settings of Planhat. 

Go to settings > General > and if you scroll you'll be able to find the revenue settings. 

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