In the "Customer Intelligence" module > "System Reports" > "Conversations" section you're able to view data related to your team and how engaged they are with your customers. 

You can view the number of times they have completed specific touch points within the date range selected (at the very top of the page), and you're also able to see which tasks they are completing and ignoring. 

Engagements by User & Channel

In this section, you're able to see which touch-point types your CSMs are logging the most. If you click on one of the numbers you're able to see, at the bottom of the chart, which companies the team member completed this touch point type for and how many times for the same company. 

📣 Pro tip: If you would like to do further analysis on this data, you can export it by clicking on the ellipsis icon in the top right corner and selecting "Export to Excel".

To learn more about setting up your touch points that display in this chart you can go here

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