The Zapier integration with Planhat is currently in beta - so you can use Planhat as an app in your Zaps using this invite link.

Currently, the following actions are available with the Zapier integration: 

Also, the following trigger is currently available:

We're working on adding more actions and triggers!

Before setting up Zaps with Planhat, you should first enable the Zapier integration in Planhat: Settings > Integrations > Zapier.

After enabling the Zapier integration, in the same page you can see an access token which can be used for authorizing Zapier requests to Planhat. Also you can see the API subdomain that will be used by Zapier in Planhat URLs.

In Zapier, when you're using Planhat for either an action or a trigger, you should authorize Zapier to access your Planhat account like the screenshot below. This is where you should enter the API access token and the API subdomain for accessing Planhat: 

It is good to remember that Zapier works a lot like a trigger in Planhat: "if this, then that" type of logic.

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