You'r able to record non-recurring revenue items in Planhat, and have those numbers reflected in the revenue module reports, as well as have it affect the overall value of the customer in your portfolio. 

Enabling NRR Setting 

NRR is a revenue setting that can be turned on or off. If you would like it to be enabled, please reach out to your CSM and let them know so they can assist you. 

After NRR is Enabled

After you have NRR enabled as a setting you'll be able to add your non-recurring items/options to your list in the revenue settings. 

To do so, go to settings > general > scroll down to find the revenue section and where it says "Non Recurring Products" > select "Add Non Recurring Product"  and enter the details.

Now, when adding a NRR item, these items will appear in the drop down menu list. 

Adding an NRR Item

To add an NRR item, go to the company profile page > revenue tab > and select the button "Add NRR item.

Select the product/offering from the drop down menu, enter the value, and add any additional details if needed. Select save, and now your NRR item is added to the month you recorded it for. 

The NRR will display as a yellow bar on top of the dark blue MRR or ARR bars. 

Import NRR through excel

You're also able to import your NRR data through excel. 

  1. go to the quick add menu in the top left corner

  2. select NRR under the Imports section

  3. follow the instructions to save a copy of the import template and upload the data into Planhat

Edit/Remove an NRR Item

To edit or remove an NRR item, navigate to the company profile page > revenue tab and click on the NRR item. If you want to edit it, change the fields and select 'done'. If you want to remove the item, click the three dots in the top-right and select 'remove'.

NRR Can Affect the Value of the Account 

You can also determine whether you would like the NRR value for the last 30 days to affect the total value of the customer (aka change the bubble size on your portfolio view). To do that you:

  1. go to settings > general 

  2. under Customer Size Definition, select "Monthly Revenue (mrr + nrr last 30 days)" - even if you operate with annual subscriptions, we will still be able to calculate this value for you.

The NRR value is also now available in the revenue reports (in the timeline and when exported).

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