You're able to view data from subsidiary (or child) companies on the parent company profile in Planhat, and it's easy to do!

If you have group structures set up and enabled, a feature will appear at the top of companies that are a part of a group structure that says, "Include Child Orgs."

So when you're on the parent company profile, if this setting is set to "Yes," then all of the data from the child organization (revenue data, contacts associated with the account, usage data, tasks and logged notes on the overview page) will all be visible on this company profile. 

If set to "No," then only the data associated with the parent company will display, and none from the child organizations will be included. 

*Note: It will appear at the top of all child organizations, however, if the child organization does not have it's own subsidiary/child organizations underneath it when the setting is on "Yes" the data will only be related to this one company and not all of the data included in the entire group structure.

But, if this child organization also has a child organization and this setting is set to "Yes," then the data from that child organization will appear on the company profile. 

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