If you're selling in multiple currencies you're able to keep track of these in Planhat, and have your revenue reports reflect whichever currency you choose as your base currency. 

To get this set up is quick and simple. 

  1. Go to the Revenue module

  2. Go to the settings within the revenue module and under currencies, select "add currency"

  3. First, add the currency you would like to have as your base currency (or the currency you would like all of the others converted to for the revenue reports within Planhat). 

*You do not need to enter the rate when you're setting your base currency. By selecting set base Planhat automatically sets the rate to 1. 

4. Add any other additional currencies you sell in, and make sure to enter the exchange rate for that month

Where to set the currency for subscriptions

If you're using Planhat to update/add subscription data, you will be able to do so when you're adding the license for the first time, and you can edit it from the license page in the Customer 360 view.

Revenue data can also be sent over the API. Just be sure to specify the currency code when sending it in so that Planhat can make sure to calculate appropriately. 

If you're sending in subscription data from Salesforce, make sure you set the base currency in the integration settings as the same one you have in Salesforce. 

Updating Currencies

These currencies should be manually updated each month to ensure accurate revenue reporting. 

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