Planhat has an integration with the NPS platform, Getting set up is quick and easy, and you will find detailed instructions on how to do so within Planhat. 

If you go to settings > integrations > satismeter and switch it on, you will see the instructions. 

So in this article we are going to cover how you can use the integration once you get everything set up in Planhat. 

Bringing in NPS Scores from Satismeter

Satismeter is an in-app survey tool, so the survey is sent based on the Satismeter settings, and there is no option to survey directly from Planhat.

Planhat uses the Satismeter webhook to bring in the results from the in-app survey, which means there is no need to push contacts from Planhat into Satismeter. The user is detected by Satismeter and then that data is sent into Planhat. 

Planhat receives the email, feedback, and score. In order for the submitted score to be mapped to the right user, there needs to be an email address associated with them. 

When a user completes the survey, Planhat automatically brings in the feedback. 

Sometimes users do not always complete or submit the survey (for example they could exit the browser window). In that case, Satismeter waits 12 hours for the user to complete the survey before bringing in the results. If the user still hasn't completed the survey after those 12 hours, the survey will be marked as complete (even if all of the data has not been filled out) and brought into Planhat. 

How NPS Data Looks in Planhat 

Planhat will automatically pull in the survey results from Satismeter and displays it on the end user profile (individual score), company profile (average or median of all end user profile), and in the NPS module. 

If the user submits a new score, the old will be replaced.

For ways on how to use NPS throughout Planhat you can take a look at this article here. 

We also have created a Beginners Guide to NPS to help you understand what the survey is, what the scores mean, and some tips for what you can do with your results. 

If you have further questions about specifics of, you can visit their help center for more information. 

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