These are users that appear with a star next to them in the list. Marking a user as a "featured" content can be done manually on a customer profile, or the star will be added when you're importing endusers with the import template. 

To manually add a user as featured you go to their user profile and switch it "on" where it says "Featured." Or, if you're importing customer

Simple as that! Now they will appear with the star next to their name.

Marking a user as featured can help you to determine who is important to reach out to or get in contact with when there is something happening with the company's account, or the time for renewal is up. 

There is also the relevancy score (which we will get into next) to help you do this, but sometimes the decision makers aren't one's that log in all of the time or that you're having a lot of emails or chats with so they will score a "Low" in relevancy. But they are the ones that will be important to reach out to and make sure everything is all set before renewal time. 

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