Knowing what endusers are the most active, the most relevant, and the ones you need to pay attention to is important to your customer success strategy. 

You need to know who you should reach out to, who your main points of contacts are and so on, and that is where Planhat can help! 

We give you a relevancy score to help you determine who your most relevant users are with a score of High/Medium/Low. 

Let's dig into how this relevancy score can help you and your team. 

Enduser Relevancy Score

Planhat provides you with a Relevancy score that gives users a score of either High, Medium, or Low. 

This score is based on two aspects. One is activity level; the more a user is using the service (user tracking activities), and the other is interactions; the more they interact with your CS team (emails, tickets, notes etc) the higher the more "relevant" they're considered to be.

So to get a very high score, the user will have to qualify as one of the most active users both recently and over time, both in terms of tracking activities and touch points.

The most relevant user gets the score of 100, and the lowest a score or 0. This is displayed in the app as

  • "High" (> 66)

  • (66 >)"Medium" (< 33)

  • (33 >) "Low" relevance

You can hover the relevance tag to see the exact number.

You can also sort users by relevance. Check it out!

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