Let's get into how it works in Planhat.

Getting Set Up

Planhat uses aircall's webhooks to listen to the "call ended" event. 

It is simple and fast to get set up! You simply go to your
settings > integrations > Aircall > then you copy the URL Planhat gives you to add it to your Aircall account.

Make sure you activate the webhook in their platform before trying to connect Planhat. 

Here is Aircall's information regarding webhooks. 

And read here to find out more about webhooks and how they work within Planhat.

Aircall Settings

After copying and pasting the link from Planhat into Aircall you will need to select which actions you would like the webhook to fire on. Planhat will listen to the call.ended event.

How Planhat Brings in Call Logs from Aircall

When we receive a message from the webhook, and we match and map which account the call should be connected to by the phone number on the end-user.

To match the number, we remove spaces and extra characters (i.e. parenthesis) to make different formats comparable. But country code needs to be included in Planhat since that's how we receive it from Aircall normally. 

Planhat will match the call both to the correct "agent" (the person on your team) and the customer contact if there is enough information. 

These calls will be logged as Touch Points in your activities.

How They Will Appear in Planhat

The logged calls will have an affect on your Last Touch metric in Planhat. Once you have the integration set up, you will also see a touch point type added called "call" in the Insights section of your Activities module.  

Planhat will also show information about when the call happened, how long the call was, and a link to the recording (if applicable).

You will start to see the number of calls each team member has received during the time frame set. 

*Note: if you have added a custom touch point called "call" already it will appear 2x - you could name this custom touch point something a bit different if you're using it for planning and logging activities, like "Scheduled Call."

Making Calls From Planhat

To make calls from Planhat through Aircall be sure to download the desktop integration they have available. 

And if you'd like the green icon for Aircall to appear next to the phone number in Planhat you can also install the Google Chrome extension that's available. 

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