If the number of users per account is an important metric for you to track (for example your pricing is based off of # of seats/users using the account) you can do so by creating a calculated metric in the Usage Module.

If just want the total count of users and contacts in the account, you can use the metric under "SOURCE: System > Number of Users.

Here is how you would set up the equation: 

{"type": "propertyValue", "prop": "system.users_total"}

**Always, when creating a calculated metric and specifying which metric/activity to use, use the EXACT spelling, spacing, and capitalization that displays. 

However, when creating calculated metrics from the System Metrics, use the following: 

  • system.users_total (for Number of users)

  • system.activity_count (for Activity Count)

  • system.users_active_last1 (for Users active last day)

  • system.users_active_last7

  • system.users_active_last30

  • system.users_active_last90

Let us know if you need any help setting up new calculated metrics for your business.  

Being Alerted of Overuse

This is a great calculated metric to create because you are able to be alerted if the company is above their # of seats. 

To do this, you can create segments for the # of seats sold (which can sometimes relate to the price level package they have purchased). Then, create a trigger to be alerted for when a company in that segment rises above that threshold. 

Read here for more ideas on how to segment your customers in Planhat. 

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