This is a great feature for large teams with very specific roles in the Customer Success organization, or for companies that have multiple different teams working with Planhat data. 

For example if you have your marketing team pulling data from Planhat, your support team is working in Planhat, or you want your sales team to have a limited view 

Take a look at how it works! 

*In the Start-up and Professional level plans you have access to the pre-defined roles of Admin, Manager, a CSM and developer. 

With the Enterprise plan you gain access to the additional functionality of being able to add custom roles and adjust them. 

Important to Note:
All team members will be able to see the radio buttons on their user profile with the different roles. However, only those with Admin level permissions (which are, by default, included in the Admin role) are able to change the setting. 

This allows team members to know which roles they are assigned to.

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