First off, each user can sync their email.

Emails sent or received by this user (or perhaps restricted by folders/ labels selected for sync) will sync if either of the following applies:

  1. One of the emails in the conversation belongs to a contact/end-user already existing in Planhat.

  2. One of the emails involved in the conversation can be linked to a company by matching the email domain (for example with the domain associated with a customer account in Planhat (, in which case this contact will first be created and then the email saved.

🚀 Quick tip: When looking at if an email matches the criteria above, all recipients (to), senders (from) and cc are considered.

E-mails that will be ignored:

  1. Any e-mail that does not match the specifications above

  2. Emails specifically blocked (as specified in settings) 

  3. Participants in the conversation have "internal domain" (any participant with email ending with @yourcompanydomain). However, if there are still participants that can be linked to a customer in Planhat then the email will be logged.

Second, emails can be bcc:ed to Planhat 

Email address to bcc is:

This way, you can forward or push any e-mail/note or conversation into Planhat.

If the customer domain can not be found in Planhat, the e-mail you're sending into Planhat (with whatever note/information in it) can be found in the activities tab (activities - unassigned).

So what happens if  you're forwarding an internal e-mail ( ?

If you forward an email to a colleague, then it will be considered an internal conversation and that e-mail will not be logged in Planhat (unless you're bcc:ing the e-mail into Planhat using

Good to know...

The difference between syncing your e-mails with Planhat and sending an email through bcc (or sending an email directly from Planhat) is that even if none of the email senders or recipients are recognized as contacts, still the email will be logged in Planhat. 

This is because Planhat assumes that the user has done this wishfully and wants to log the email in Planhat. 

Such emails which are not related to specific contacts in Planhat are listed under "unassigned emails" section in the activities tab (activities - unassigned) and the user can assign such emails to specific companies or contacts in that section. 

So when a user forwards a previous conversation to Planhat using the bcc feature, because the email does not include the original participants of the conversation, it should be logged as an unassigned email in Planhat and will go to the unassigned emails list.

How to find unassigned e-mails / notes:

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