If customers churn you need to know the reasons why, and you need to be tracking them so that your team (and the entire company) can analyze them to improve product and strategy. The churn module can help your team know where you need to adjust and improve. 

With Planhat's churn module, you can start to gather the data you need to take effective action; get an overview of which reasons occur the most, and what is the impact on revenue. 

Creating the survey is quick and easy, and it can always be adjusted. Check out the video below that goes over how to get started & how to use the churn module. 

Checking the box next to “set any open status license to lost” will make sure that the status of the customer is reflected as lost if the license was still open so you are able to see it in the churn module. 

If you don't check this box, the license will remain open as if it is still active and the customer won't appear as "lost." This is in case the customer did not completely churn, but maybe there was just one license (say one product out of the several offered) that they decided to cancel.  

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