Everyone knows that product adoption is key to customer retention. So, how do you monitor how well your customers are adopting your product and where/how you need to take action?

To build a customer success division that is proactive and data-driven, you need to understand two things:

  1. Which features (or modules or products) are your most value creating and sticky

  2. How well these features (or modules) are being adopted by your customers

You should know the answer to the first question. If you don’t, you should sit down with your (product) management team to figure it out. Use data, ask your customers, and let the vision of your product guide you.

This will also help you decide which usage metrics and activity data should be used to define each feature group. So this will be the first step before getting them setup in Planhat. 

With Planhat's Success Units, you are able to use data to see which customers may not be adopting your product very well and then take meaningful action from there. 

Success Units can be based on usage (with calculated metrics and are updated automatically) or you can score them manually on a scale of 1-5. This gives you more flexibility, and allows you to weigh in as the CSM. 

Setting it up in Planhat

Video 1: The basics on how to use Success Units and how to set up a calculated metric to use them in the Success Units. 

What Each of the Card Colors/Symbols Indicate:

Video 2: How to set up and define your features, or Success Units, in Planhat. 

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