Webhooks are awesome, simple ways to get two systems to work together to send information to each other about events in each system. Essentially, it is an easy way to get two systems to pass information back and forth between each other. 

What can you do with a webhook?

  • You can ask for information from a system

  • Choose to push information into a system to change it or update it

  • Create something, or show something

Some webhooks we have set up for you in the platform already, but you are able to use ones that we might not have. 

In Planhat, you can work with webhooks using our API and selected integrations and events (more information about some of them below) to trigger notifications and/or data to come into Planhat, or be pushed out of Planhat. 

How they can webhooks be used in Planhat 

There are several ways you can use webhooks to push and receive data to or from Planhat. 

A couple of examples are with our Aircall and Slack integrations. You can also use custom ones when you're creating triggers. 


If you would like to send information from Planhat to another system (and it isn't Slack, which we have it set up for), you can do so by setting up a webhook with the platform you would like to post information into from Planhat and entering that as a Trigger. 

Here is how 

  1. Go to settings > triggers > add a trigger 

  2. select "notify a webhook" from the first dropdown menu 

  3. enter the URL from the webhook you received from the other platform 

  4. finish setting up the trigger 

*Note: if you're using a webhook that we do not have set up in Planhat, the data/events you're able to post (or send) are limited to the ones available in the triggers setup. 

We are only able to post information this way; Planhat cannot receive any information with this setup. 

There are more webhooks and triggers with those webhooks available in Planhat as well, so please reach out to us if you have questions about if something is possible or not :). 

Here is an article further explaining what a webhook is

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