The "Beat", "Experience" and "Relevance" metrics are end-user default metrics displaying the following information:

  • Beat: total activities (clicks, logins, downloads etc) over the past 14 days. You can also see a chevron next to Beat indicating whether the End Users "Beat Trend" is growing or declining.

  • Experience: the End Users total activities since the date we started tracking usage and the experience % shows their relative usage compared to all other users in your system.

    If you go to the "Data" module > "End-User" tab (you can also view this information on the company profile "People" tab) and hover over the "Experience" bar it will tell you their beat number and if they are in your top or bottom percentile of users.

  • Relevance: a home-grown secret algorithm looking at an End Users Beat, Beat trend and recent Conversations (emails, tickets, meeting attendance etc) in the context of all your End Users and scoring them with High, Medium or Low relevance. More points in the algorithm are attributed to more recent engagement in your product or with your team. High relevance means an End User is highly engaged with your product and team relative to all other End Users.

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