Link tags allow you to link to a corresponding customer profile in your own CRM, database, etc. There are 2 ways to do this...

1) From the options button on customer profile page click "manage tags" and then choose "link tag". This option is flexible and great, but a lot of work if you need to add it to every single company, and for all new customers.

You can also add an image with a URL if you would like. For example, if you want to take the logo from a website, you can use that image source URL.

2) Through the settings section of Planhat. If the URL is in a structured form and if the externalId of the companies you have in Planhat is a part of the URL, then the creation of "link tags" can be automated by creating a link template in settings.

Whatever the URL in the link template, it will be used, except `#{{companyExternalid}}` will be replaced with the actual externalId, and it will link out to that customer's profile.

No matter which way you choose to create your link tags, both will display in the same way on the Customer 360 view.

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