Collaboration is an important and crucial part of our worklife. @mentions in Planhat makes that easy and efficient for you!

Reach out to and notify your colleagues if there is a comment or a task they need to pay attention to, or if there is something you have a question on and you need their input.

Now you don't have to go into your email anymore to send them something, and hope they see it in time, nor do you have to walk over to their desk (if you are working in the same office location). Using @mentions in Planhat allows you to stay within the application and let your colleagues know that something needs their attention.

📌 Important note: In order for you or your colleagues to receive notifications about @mentions, the notifications preferences need to be on as per the image below. Learn how to do that in this article here.

How to Use @Mentions

It is super simple to do! Below will show you how it works:

*You cannot mention yourself and receive a notification about it.*

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