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Playbooks & Plays

Playbooks now have the statistics and the playbook list in the same view, as well as more flexible filtering and some improvements to updating and editing your workflows.

You can now filter by date range to see which processes were active and completed during a certain month, or you can remove the date range:

Or, you can remove the date filter and see all processes, either active, archived or all :)


If half of your team likes to log and keep track of plays, and the other finds it to be a hassle you can now allow team members to disable the "log"/"don't log" feature when they are completing plays.

To do this:

1. go to your General Settings

2. Select "disabled" under "Require Activity Log" and this will allow individual team members to disable having to log their activities. It will NOT disable it for all of the users in the account, so then you must...

[To disable having to log the activities you complete]

1. go to your user profile

2. go to settings

3. Switch it to "Yes" where it says "Activity Log Disabled"

*Important to remember: if you disable the pop-up of logging plays, Planhat will not log them and include them in the Insights report in the Activity module.


NRR is now a revenue setting that can be turned on or off. So if you would like to use NRR you can turn it on:

You can also determine whether you would like the NRR value for the last 30 days to affect the total value of the customer (aka change the bubble size on your portfolio view). To do that you:

1. go to general settings

2. select "Monthly Revenue (mrr + nrr last 30 days)" - even if you operate with annual subscriptions, we will still be able to calculate this value for you.

The NRR value is also now available in the revenue reports (in the timeline and when exported).


Multi-pick list: you can now select multiple items in a dropdown list. So, if you have created a custom data field and selected "multipicklist" as your type of data, you can now select multiple items.

Persona Module

If there are certain custom fields you would like to have, and export from the Persona module you are now able to do this. Make sure you have added the custom fields you would like to export, and then you can select them to display and export:


Slack: We have recently released multi-slack channel! When you are setting up a trigger simply specify which channel you would like to send the notification to.

If you are setting up your integration, you can select a general channel when setting it up and that will be the "default" that the trigger goes to, but then you can specify the channel you would like the specific notification to go to in Planhat.

Intercom: At the top of your chats, you can now link out directly to that chat! If you open up the intercom conversation in Planhat, you will see the link at the top: Open in Intercom App

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