Now you can log your phone calls in Planhat automatically!
Just like your emails automatically get synced with Planhat and matched to the right profile, so does your phone calls. You could already use "click to call" to place calls right from Planhat, but this new feature will log even your incoming calls.

It will also automatically update the customer profile in question with a "last touch date".

The requirement is that you're using some kind of IP based phone solution, ideally a soft phone. There is a new API end-point in Planhat where the customer can send all call data.

We've also prepared an automatic integration with Aircall (one of many providers).

The integrations are typically very easy and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Planhat will log who you talked to, waiting time before pick-up, talk time, recording of the call if available etc.

Calls are matched to the correct end-user and customer by Phone number, so the contact would have to exist in Planhat with a matching phone number.

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