Geckoboard is a great way to share and display key metrics and data points that are important to your Customer Success team and strategy.

The Geckoboard integration currently allows you to display data related to the segments you have set up in Planhat.

This guide will go over how to get started with your integration, and how to start setting up some charts!

1. Setting Up Your Integration

Before you can start making some cool charts to display your customer data from Planhat, you have to get the integration setup.

First, go into your Geckoboard account and

  • navigate to your profile settings in the top right corner
  • go to Account Details 
  • and scroll down to find your API key
  • copy this and then open Planhat

In Planhat,

  • Go to settings > Integrations > Geckoboard 
  • switch the integration "ON"
  • copy the API key you received from Geckoboard into the text field in Planhat
  • Select "Save"
  • and then select "Send metrics to Geckoboard" 

Your segments data should now be ready to go in Geckoboard.

2. Accessing your Segments data in Geckoboard

Now that you have sent the data into Planhat, you will now be able to use it to create your dashboard. To do this:

  • select Add Widget
  • it will take you to a page where you select your data source, and you will want to select "Datasets" 
  • Planhat.customers.segments should display, and you select that
  • You can now start creating your dashboard with Planhat data

What data from Segments can be used in Geckoboard

Planhat sends in data about all of the segments you have created in Planhat. For all of the segments, you are able to see the aggregate data for these data points, or you can choose to filter for a specific segment:

  • Average Health
  • Min Health
  • Average MRR
  • Max MRR
  • Min MRR
  • Customer Count
  • Record Count (simply the number of segments you have in Planhat)

This data is pre-set.

Some examples of widgets to add to your dashboard

We will go over a couple of examples for you about what data you can display. Take some time to think about what data you would like to be displayed.

For our example, we are choosing to display:

  • the average health score of all segments for the month
  • the average MRR per segment (for the month)
  • a leaderboard for which segment has the highest customer count

Let us know if you would like any help getting some segments set up!

Here is some inspiration from Geckoboard on some of the types of dashboards you can set up:

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