With Planhat's Slack integration you can set up multiple webhooks to be able to receive notifications on different channels. 

Create a Slack webhook here.

When initially setting up the integration, you can choose a "default" channel or a general channel where you would like to have some of your notifications from Planhat pushed to Slack. 

Then, you can set up further webhooks and specify them in your notification center, or when you're setting up a trigger. These webhooks can be for personal channels, and shared channels. If a specific channel isn't specified then the notification will be sent to the default channel you entered when setting up your slack integration. 

Setting up a webhook when creating a trigger or in your notification center is great if there are certain, more personal notifications you would like to receive from Planhat.

Check out this video to learn how you set up the slack integration.

Click here to learn more about triggers

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