MailChimp is a great way to reach out to and nurture your users, and with Planhat's MailChimp integration you can group your end users with filters and send them into MailChimp for a new email campaign.

Planhat makes it so that you can send in data about the customers:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone #

  • Company name

  • Custom fields on the end user object

  • End user tags

  • Names of end user filters

This data that we send in allows you to, more effectively, reach out to the end users you have pushed from Planhat into MailChimp. It allows you to filter and get an overview of which end users are in which lists and campaigns, and you can also use them to make your emails more personal when sending end users from Planhat into MailChimp.

How to prep MailChimp for Planhat's merge tags

In order for MailChimp to be able to receive data about these merge tags from Planhat, they first have to be established in MailChimp.

So first, make sure you go into the Lists you would like to send the end users into, and set up merge tags in those lists.

Planhat's Merge Tags

Our merge tags are named like this:

FNAME: 'John'
LNAME: 'Andersen'
P_PHONE: '21323123'
P_COMPANY: 'Company AB'
P_XXX (where XX are the first 8 characters of the custom field, uppercase, spaces removed)
T_YYY (where YYY are the first 8 characters of the tag, uppercase, spaces removed)

X_ZZZ (where ZZZ are the first 8 characters of the end user filter name, uppercase, spaces removed)

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