When syncing customers from Salesforce to Planhat, typically a field like "customer type" in SF is used to identify which accounts should be synced. For example we may want to exclude prospects form the sync.

In some special cases, this field in SF isn't a traditional field where we can just pick a value (in which case the list of potential values would appear in Planhat in the SF settings view). Instead it's based on an "id".

Let's say the field in SF for some customer of ours is called "relation to us", and the values are "customer" and "prospect" - in reality it's not really those words that are saved but an "id" that is linked to those words.

So when you pick this field in the Planhat settings, instead of showing a drop-down to chose from you'll see a free-text field, where you have to put not the value you see but the underlying id. Here's how you find that id:

  • On Salesforce go To setup

  • Type Record Types on quick search button (left-top side)

  • Select the record types link under Account section (left panel)

  • Select one option (customer) for to know the id.

  • When you are on the page settings for the option, copy the ID value from url (string must be 15 characters)

  • Go to Planhat- Integrations- Salesforce - Accounts.

  • On section Identify Customers, select as field Record Type and paste the ID on the next field named "Value to identify"

  • Save the account settings

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