Planhat has a native integration with Hubspot that you can switch on within the application.

Here are the basics of how it works:

  • It brings companies from HubSpot with deals closed/won 

  • On enabling the integration, no initial full sync is done, only updates as new deals are closed in Hubspot. There is, however, a "fetch all" button, that would create in Planhat all companies with deals closed/won in Hubspot.

  • Planhat will detect any updates made on the HubSpot account and pull in changes and data related to the account. The sync runs every 30 minutes.

📌 Important to note: This can override some company and license information if a company has already been created from that column in HubSpot.

Setting up Hubspot

Simply to go Settings > Integrations > Hubspot

  1. Switch the integration on, and you will see the fields you are required to fill out

  2. Click "Connect with Hubspot

  3. Then, you have the ability to choose which lifecycle phase you would like these users to be added to automatically when they are brought into Planhat . 

📌 Important to note: These options are the ones that you have already created in Planhat. If you have not created any lifecycle phases you can do so in the portfolio view. 

4. You then have the ability to select some filtering options about what you would like Planhat to bring in related to the closed deal

a. You can choose to pull in certain data that is related to the license: 

b. You can also filter which companies/deals are brought into Planhat even further.

For example, if you track some types of existing business in HubSpot you can make sure that Planhat doesn't pull these in and try and create a new (and duplicate) company. To do this, you would apply a filter by "Deal type" and "New Businesses," as seen below. 

5. Save all of your settings

When a new company is created in Planhat:

When a new company is created in Planhat from the HubSpot CRM integration, it will pull in the data you specified, and will also include the description of the company under the company name in Planhat.

Any notes that you've saved in HubSpot related to the deal will also be brought in. 

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