As soon as you get your customers into Planhat and have started sending us the basic activity data for them, you are able to see who your top users are, and which users are the ones that might need a bit more encouragement.

Planhat tracks for you the number of actions taken in your application by each of your users, and we present those as beats and experience. Read this article here to learn more about what those 2 mean and how they work together.

You can use beats to create Personas in Planhat and here is how and why you should!

Why Create a Persona with Beats?

Personas allow you to segment your end users and reach out to them in meaningful ways. One of those ways is by experience level and basic usage level.

Creating a Persona that includes all of your end users that have a beat level below a certain threshold (which could mean they aren’t using it/haven’t really adopted the product yet), or a beat trend below a certain threshold (which means they could have been using it a lot in the past, but now aren’t anymore, for some reason) allows you to reach out to them to get them to start using your service again.

With a persona, you don’t have to search for it - they will automatically be added to the group.

Now, you can export this group to MailChimp and send them some materials on how to get started or encourage them to start using your service more.

How to Create a Persona With Beats

Let’s create a persona with a declining beat trend…

Say it is pretty typical that a user should have a beat # around 400 - 600 (meaning they are taking at least 300 - 400 actions or clicks within a 14 day period). A number between 400-600 will be our threshold.

  1. You select add persona
  2. Select your avatar and what segment you would like to filter by
  3. You can add a “Condition” if you would like additional filtering factors
  4. Select “Add rule” > Beat Trend > is less than (for this example) 400

Now, all of the end users that meet these criteria will be brought into this persona.

Let us know if you have questions or would like help getting started!

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