Personas allow you to segment your end users based off of related activity data, NPS scores and if the survey was sent or not, when they were last seen, when you were last in touch with them, and more.

Why Create Personas

You can use a persona to determine which customers are ready to receive an NPS survey, to reach out to end users that have low activity or usage in a particular feature of your product, and more. You can use the user activities that you send into Planhat to create super customized personas.

Personas allow you to reach out to your customers in a way that is personal and meaningful for them because it is all based on their experience and activities in your product. It also makes it easier for you, the CSM, because you're not manually monitoring them for this type activity - Planhat is doing that for you and making sure they fall into the right persona.

How to Create a Persona

Here is a quick video about how to create a persona

How to Export Your Personas

After you have created the persona you can take several types of actions as we have mentioned at the beginning.

You can:

  • use the persona to launch an NPS survey 
  • export the list to one of our NPS integrations to have them surveyed, or
  • survey them immediately by triggering it in Planhat, then the integration will survey them immediately
  • sync the list with MailChimp (you can manually push or sync the list, or you can choose to have it automatically sync)

Here is a quick video that goes over how to accomplish these. Delighted is the featured NPS integration in this video, but don't forget we also have an integration with and Satismeter!

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