If you're using Planhat's NPS platform integration with Promoter.io you have the option to send different personas to different campaigns you have set up.

This is useful if you're conducting different types of campaigns at different times throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, you want to survey customers x amount of time into their onboarding process (Onboarding Survey), and then again with a regular NPS survey.

You can these 2 campaigns up in Promoter, and also create a corresponding persona in Planhat.

Here is how it works

Follow the instructions outlined for Promoter.io on the integration setup page. It will instruct you on how to first set up the integration with a Default Campaign. Do that first. Our recommendation is to make your default campaign the regular NPS survey that you will be sending to a larger group of customers, and that you might be conducting once a year, and create a different campaign for the other types of surveys (i.e. Onboarding survey).

After you have set up your default campaign, here is how you can link different personas to different campaigns...

  1. open the Persona you would like to link to a different Promoter campaign

  2. scroll to the bottom to find "Link to Promoter Campaign" and check the box next to it. Once you do that a dropdown menu will appear with the campaigns you have in your Promoter account. 

3. select the campaign you would like to link this persona to and click "Update"

This Persona is now linked to this specific campaign.

Important to Note

For all of the personas that do not have this box checked and a different campaign specified, they will be linked to the default campaign.

If you would like to pull historical NPS scores for personas that are not linked to the default campaign, simply come into the persona and click update again and Planhat will pull in those values.

Why this is only for Promoter.io

Planhat also has NPS integrations with Delighted.io and Satismeter. However, this same feature is not offered for them.

Satismeter is an in-app survey tool that we receive feedback via a webhook and not API (as Promoter is). For now, we do not support the multiple campaigns.

In Delighted.io they don't have the same concept of a campaign. So it doesn't make sense to have the multiple campaigns feature.

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