2018 is off to a great start! We have a couple updates from January for you...

Multiple NPS Campaigns with Promoter

If you're using Planhat's NPS platform integration with Promoter.io you now have the option to send different personas to different campaigns you have set up.

This is useful if you're conducting different types of campaigns at different times throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, you want to survey customers x amount of time into their onboarding process (Onboarding Survey), and then again with a regular NPS survey.

You can these 2 campaigns up in Promoter, and also create a corresponding persona in Planhat.

You can check out how to do it here!

Use Merge Tags in Emails from Planhat

You're now able to create email templates in Planhat with merge tags! If it is an email you're sending out a lot, for example, a welcome email then you can insert the contact's first name, last name, and several other details into the email template.

Then, attach it to the play "send welcome email" in your playbook, and it will be set to go as long as you have an associated contact.

You could also use this in the personas if you're sending out emails to the entire list and want to make it personalized.

Check out all of the merge tags planhat offers here!

Exclude Certain Emails from Syncing Into Planhat

Planhat makes sure you're getting all of the information you need about a customer within the platform, and that is why Planhat creates a new user if it detects an email with a domain that matches an existing company.

This is great so you can make sure to stay on top of everything, but there are certain emails (for example service emails or marketing campaign emails) that you don't need to be synced and they just end up crowding your view.

Now you can keep your view organized by telling Planhat which users you would like it to EXCLUDE bringing in emails from.

It is super simple to do:

Go to Settings > General > and type in the email addresses you would like to exclude.

Separate each with just a space between them.

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