NPS is one way to not only identify which of your customers may be willing to be advocates for you, but also for helping you to identify and gather feedback from customers that are not overwhelmingly satisfied. 

It offers a great opportunity for you to reach out and try to resolve any issues, and it also is a great opportunity for the entire company to learn and grow. 

NPS Integrations with Planhat

Planhat has an NPS tool that many of our customers use (see Planhat's NPS workflow here). For those who are already using another NPS tool, you can choose to export your NPS data and manually import it into Planhat, or you can choose to use one of our native integrations with NPS platforms:

Whichever method you choose, once you get your scores and feedback into Planhat you can use them in several powerful ways…

NPS as a Health Score Factor

NPS is one of the more honest measurements of how your customers feel about your product, and so if you would like a customer’s NPS score to be reflected in their health score Planhat lets you do that!

Then you can see the reflection of NPS in the health, and take action as needed.

To add it as a health score factor is simple! It appears as an option in the drop-down menu when you are selecting your health score factors if you have the module turned on.

Look here for some more information on health scores and how to set it up.

Customer Segments based on NPS

After you have completed your NPS survey the easiest way to create an outreach methodology or action plan, is to segment your customers based on their NPS score.

If they are detractors (0-6), you will probably need to reach out to them and look into their feedback a bit more to see where they are not seeing the value, or having a poor experience. If they are passives (7-8) they might need a little bit more encouragement, but you won’t need to look into their feedback as much. If they are promoters (9-10) you should make sure they continue to see the value in your service.

The NPS score that is considered when segmenting on the customer level is the average score of all the users that responded within that company. That number, you can view on the Customer 360 Overview in the far right side with all of your other important customer data.

Here is some quick info on how to create customer shares.

Create Personas based on NPS

In addition to having segmentation on a customer level, you can also create Personas in Planhat so that you can see, on an individual end-user level, what their scores were and group them based on that.

Why do this? It can be the case that users in the same company score drastically different; one gives you a 10 and another a 2. With Persona groups, you can take a look at specific users and their feedback to see what you need to do. Maybe the detractors from that company need additional help materials because they are struggling with adopting the platform. Maybe they keep having bad customer service experiences. Whatever the reason, you can dig in and work to fix it.

See NPS scores per CSM

Planhat also lets you see the NPS score breakdown for each of the CSM team members. The NPS module gives you an overall breakdown when you land on the page, but if you would like to see only your scores you can apply an overall filter.

You might want to do this to be able to see how all of the customers in only your portfolio scored, or maybe you can use it as a way to measure the performance of each of team member.

We hope this provided good information and a lot of inspiration for what you can do with NPS in Planhat!

We've created a Beginners Guide to NPS to help you understand what the survey is, what the scores mean, and some tips for what you can do with your results. 

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