Triggers are a great way to help automate your CS processes! We have listed a few examples of situations where triggers are useful 🤓

Triggers Based on Health

It is good to know when a customer’s health has dropped below an acceptable level so that you can take action immediately.

With Planhat’s triggers, you can do several things when customers’ health scores start to go south. You can…

  • Apply a play or a playbook that instructs the account owner on what to do (reach out to the customer, send an email, etc).

  • Push a message to slack so that the team or team member is alerted that the health has dropped.

  • Create an alert for the CSM.

These are several ways that your CS team can be notified about a customer’s poor health and be able to take action right away.

Triggers Based on Usage Metrics/Activities

Planhat allows you to send in usage metrics and activity data so that you can create customizable calculated metrics to use throughout the application. These may seem a bit daunting at first, but they are actually very powerful in several ways. And one of those ways is to use them for triggers in Planhat.

Take the data that you send in to us, create a calculated metric, and then use that to trigger playbooks, plays, alerts, slack messages, and so on!

The value here is that these are customizable KPIs - so it is what is important to you!

Triggers for When a Renewal Is Approaching

Some of your customers may be on auto-renewal, but some might not be. And those are the ones you need to reach out to and manually confirm they want to renew.

For these customers, you can create a trigger (an alert, play, or a message to a slack channel) that lets you know that you need to reach out to this customer in time before they need to renew.

You can select the number of days before the renewal is supposed to happen. This is especially useful if your contracts include a section that states the customer has to cancel within a certain time before the end of the contract.

These are just several additional ways you can use triggers to make your life easier, but there are many more! Feel free to reach out and ask us any questions if you need help setting them up!

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